Dr. John M. Wallman

Dr. John M. Wallman


TxDx Program

What is Training Driven By Diagnosis (TxDx)? 

Custom Exercise Program In

Private, Couples or Group Settings

Exercises are critical for improving your performance and preventing injuries. But there are many thousands of different exercises. How do the pros train for success? They have knowledgeable doctors advising their health and performance answering these questions: 

  • How do I know if I am doing the right exercises for my sport or lifestyle? 
  • Are the exercises or training programs helping? 
  • Hurting? 
  • Or having little impact?

 The TxDx Program is a way to: 

  • Diagnose which muscles are too weak, too strong or just right  
  • Receive a customized training program  
  • Get trained on how to do the exercises correctly initially or receive guided exercises every session  
  • Singles & Couples can be trained at our facility. Larger groups at your facility.
  • Get re-examined regularly to monitor progress and update your training  

Now you and your team can train like a pro!

 If you want to get treated like a pro call to make an appointment to start TxDx! 

Contact information: 1.631.992.1624

 Training Driven by Diagnosis and TxDx 

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