Dr. John M. Wallman

Dr. John M. Wallman


In House Specialty Testing

Computerized Bio-Mechanical Testing


Dr. Wallman has provided expert testimony for thousands of patient applying for disability ratings or suffering from automobile and work related injuries using the latest computerized equipment. With this equipment we can evaluate you extremely accurately for muscle strength, ranges of motion and algonometric pain levels. Each of these parameters are evaluated using the latest AMA Guides To The Evaluation To Permanent Impairment  

Strength can be tested for all large and medium sized muscles.  Ranges of Motion can be evaluated for all joints down to individual finger joints.

Computerized Movement Imaging (CMI)

  • This cutting edge system records athletes performing a set of physical activities.  
  • It then measures and analyzes the bio-mechanics of more than 35 key body movements using infrared, video and computer technologies.
  •  Joints are measured for hyper and hypo mobility, dyskinesias, symmetry and potential muscle imbalances.

Manual Muscle & Joint Testing

Manual muscle testing can be provided for an exceptionally wide range of muscles with excellent speed yielding semi-quantitative results.  Dr. John Wallman has been teaching these procedures to physicians and therapists at the graduate college level and for continuing educational purposes across the country for over 10 years. 

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Contact information: 1.631.992.1624

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