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Performing Arts Medicine

    Guitarist Muscle Imbalances :: Any instrument that uses a limited set of motions for extended periods of time will be prone to developing muscle strength imbalances. Guitarists do many biomechanically imbalanced activities.

Nutrition and Health

    Nutrition and Diabetes :: There are many different essential and non-essential nutrients where a deficiency is associated with diabetes. Some of these factors are common. Others may be relatively rare. So which of these should I be taking, in what quantities and for how long?

    What is an essential nutrient? :: There are many different definitions used for what an essential nutrient is, even between dictionaries and textbooks. We will be discussing nutrition extensively in the Diagnosis Foundation, so I thought it important to define how we will be using it and comparing it to other similar terms.

Screening Events

    Muscle Imbalance Testing :: Free screens are currently available for either the arm or leg regions. Each participant in this screen will receive a 1-rep max strength test on 12 isolated muscles of both their right & left limbs. Each screen takes 5-10 minutes.

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