Dr. John M. Wallman


John Wallman has a long family history in healthcare. His great uncle and father were chiropractic physicians and his mother was a pioneering nutritionist. His education includes 4 years at Manhattan School of Music, 4 years undergraduate work in biology at Stony Brook, 2 years Masters level in Exercise Physiology, 5 years for his doctorate as a chiropractic physician and 3 years post doctorate for a nutrition diploma.  He has been a chiropractic physician for 35 years and holds licenses in both New York and Massachusetts. He specializes in nutrition with an emphasis in exercise physiology and endocrinology. Dr. Wallman provides post doctoral continuing education courses and is President of the Diagnosis Foundation, an organization which advocates for holistic and causal diagnosis.

Dr. Wallman has had the unique opportunity to contribute to multi-national space exploration through his senior executive work establishing the International Space University and its graduate level academic programs.

Dr. Wallman's most recent endeavor has found him on the golf course. Through his work with the Diagnosis Foundation, Dr. Wallman has been invited to work with athletes at the 2016, 2017 & 2018 US Open golf tournaments. 

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