Dr. John M. Wallman

How Does TxDx Work?

Here’s How The Program Works

This fall begins the first 10 week training course. It is available in 5 different tracks. Each track is 10 weeks long and covers a different body region.  Take 1-3 courses or tracks each season, repeat them as often as you like or constantly move to new topics and body regions.


Each Course Includes

• Workshop – 1 hr. presentation & discussion

• Exam – ½ hr. exam with Computerized Movement Imaging (CMI) & Muscle Strength Testing

• Individual Training Plan (ITP) – updated every 4 training sessions 

• Supervised Group Training – ½ hr. sessions with 1-4 students / doctor

• Re-exam(s) – ¼ hr. re-exam includes retesting of abnormal findings to track progress


Computerized Movement Imaging (CMI)

  • This cutting edge system records athletes performing a set of physical activities.  
  • It then measures and analyzes the bio-mechanics of more than 35 key body movements using infrared, video and computer technologies.
  •  Joints are measured for hyper and hypo mobility, dyskinesias, symmetry and potential muscle imbalances.

 If you want to get treated like a pro call to make an appointment to start TxDx! 
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