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Testing Services


In addition to traditional examinations (orthopedic, neurological, physicals, manual muscle testing, ranges of motion, etc.), the following specialized testing services are available at Dr. Wallman's offices or by referral to local facilities. 

Computerized Movement Imaging (CMI)

This cutting edge system records patients, clients & athletes while they are performing a set of functional movements.  It then measures and analyzes the bio-mechanics of more than 35 key body movements using infrared, video and computer technologies. Joints are measured for hyper and hypo mobility, dyskinesias, symmetry and potential muscle imbalances.  Findings are particularly helpful with return-to-work or return-to-play determinations.

Computerized Muscle Testing

Computerized muscle strength studies provide specific, quantifiable and objective data on strength for over 50 different individual muscles. This procedure is very helpful for maximizing progress in health recovery, for high performance athletics as well as for disability evaluations and documentation in court cases. Using a dynamometer and a computerized assessment system, progress can be monitored far more accurately than manual methods. Based on these findings, you can be given more specific exercise protocols.

Computerized Range of Motion Testing

Computerized dual inclinometer Range Of Motion (ROM) exams provide highly accurate (within 1 degree) measurement of joint mobility.  These studies are helpful to determine loss of mobility (frozen joints) or excess mobility (joint laxity). Utilizing AMA protocols. these studies are very helpful to design & monitor progress of fitness programs, maximizing progress for high performance activities as well as documenting traumatic damage for liability court proceedings. These ROM exam include a comprehensive written report for each client along with comparisons to previous studies.

Laboratory Testing

Dr. Wallman can order general laboratory and nutritional testing from most of the local as well as specialized national labs (Quest, LabCorp, Enzo, Genova).  You will be supplied with a requisition and information to make an appointment.

Imaging Services - X-Rays, CAT scans, MRI, Ultrasound

Digital x-rays - are available at Dr. Wallman's Ronkonkoma facility with images available for immediate review. In some circumstances, you will be referred to local x-ray facilities (i.e. Zwanger-Pesiri, Medical Arts Radiology)

CAT Scans, MRI, Ultrasound - For these services, Dr. Wallman will provide you with a requisition for the service to be performed at local facilities.

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