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Dr. John M. Wallman


Clinical Nutrition    


Nutrition is one of the fundamental pillars of good health and contributes to recovery or development of almost any health or performance condition. Whether you are: 1) looking to feel a bit better in your daily mood or energy levels; 2) are dealing with a major health crisis or, 3) are looking for high level performance in life or sports, attention to nutritional factors will likely play a significant role.


Dr. Wallman received extensive nutritional training during his doctoral program and completed a post-doctoral, 3 year, board-certified specialty in Clinical Nutrition. For the past 40 years, his clinical practice has been evenly divided between chiropractic and nutritional practices. During nutrition office visits, emphasis is placed on identifying the status of the 42 essential nutrients and each of your organs and glands. Common conditions worked with include: allergies, blood sugar regulation, endocrine, neuro-developmental (i.e. ADD, depression) and digestive issues.  

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Practicing Monday, Thursday & Friday at:

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