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Dr. John M. Wallman

Investigating Causes, Providing Choices

Dr. John Wallman is dedicated to providing holistic and objective diagnosis that enables understanding and treatment of the underlying causes of each patient's condition

Yoga Studios & YogAnalysis - Now Available at Both Locations

Yoga Studios and YogAnalysis are now available at the Ronkonkoma and Nesconset offices! 

With YogAnalysis you can - Learn how to "listen to your body"

Do you wonder if your yoga practice helps or hurts? 

Do you want to develop your mastery of poses? 

YogAnalysis provides over 108 assessments of joint Ranges of Motion, individual muscle strength for balance and computerized functional movement testing for kinetic chain dynamics.  Based on these findings, you are given a customized program of corrective exercises and yoga pose variations to make your yoga safer, more enjoyable and more productive.

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Practicing Monday, Thursday & Friday at:
Family Tree Yoga & Wellness
127 Smithtown Blvd.
Nesconset, NY 11767